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The Pilsner Diplomatic Simulation (henceforth “PDS”) is a voluntary non-political organisation of students and citizens who organise and arrange educational activities for students and the public along with other initiatives related to the organisation of public events.

PDS is an association founded by students, who want to give shape to a project based on interests of other students to adopt diplomatic knowledge through non-traditional methods. Thanks to this association students have the opportunity to debate and experience diplomatic activity within the framework of international organisations. The projects also provide professional opinions from recognised professors and experts in many areas and personal contact with them.

The association’s objectives are to:

  • Bring together high school and university students and citizens who organize and arrange educational activities for students and the public;
  • Support personal and professional development of students and the public using methods of simulating national and international organisations’ activities;
  • Provide cooperation of the PDS members with public society.

Since its creation on 1st June 2010 until 2016, PDS was registered at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic under no. 22866761.

Since 2017, PDS is registered at the Czech Ministry of Justice with the name of Simulace Plzeň, z. s. under no. 056 93 055.

Our methods

Thanks to the educational projects we organise for high school and university students, participants have the opportunity to educate themselves in areas which are mostly not sufficiently implemented in the common school curricula.

Our methods allow them to gain knowledge in a more practial way. They are put into such situation which requires more than just a passive knowledge of a problem.

The simulation method

Most of our projects are based on simulating negotiations of international organisations, such as the UN Security Council or the European Union.

Each delegate represents a country of their own choice and becomes a part of a situation which realistically simulates the true big league politics and its demands on the delegate.

Being led by highly academically educated chair panel, delegates are to negotiate and to come to a solution or a conclusion on various topics in cooperation with other participants. Provided the negotiations are successful, delegates come up with a resolution or other international document which represents the formal outcome of their work and the effort put into the bargaining.

Our objectives

  • Associating students interested in international relations, business economics, and a variety of other political sciences
  • Supporting participants’ personal and professional development using methods of authentic simulation of international-level negotiations
  • Providing cooperation with public, diplomacy, and business executive representatives

Purpose of our activities

  • Raising awareness of current important global issues and discussing them
  • Teaching argumentation, rhetoric, and negotiation
  • Encouraging critical thinking, reasoning, individuality, and the ability to create one’s own opinion

Our projects

Since the creation of the organisation in 2010, we have already organised many projects in Czech. Later we decided to extend our projects on simulations in English, which allowed us to motivate students to actively use a foreign language and to improve their language skills, among others thanks to the fact that many international delegates started participating.

Further information on past projects can be found in our History section.