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Student Model of the UN General Assembly

7th – 12th September 2012

Are you interested in diplomacy?
Do you want to know more about international organizations?
Are you concerned about the world around you?
Then join the project of the Student Model of the UN General Assembly!

7th – 12th September 2012
Masaryk Grammar School in Pilsen, Town Hall of the city and building of Regional Authority of the Pilsen Region
students of secondary schools or universities

About the project

Participants of the Model will attend two days of workshops that will prepare them for upcoming simulation. Participant will be provided with all necessary information, they will try out diplomatic negotiations and they will improve their rhetoric skills. All acquired skills and knowledge will be used during subsequent three-day conference during which students will represent member states in the three Committees of UN General Assembly.

We want to enable young people to try out actively the work of diplomats, to defend their own opinions as well as statements defined by foreign policy of the country they represent. The aim of the project is improvement of knowledge about the structure and activities of the United Nations. However, we don’t want to be oriented in a single direction only, we will reflect demanded suggestions for discussions and negotiations. On top of that, we want to offer interesting lectures and seminars and we want to pass skills and knowledge we obtained during similar projects to other students. Main target of our project is to actively involve students in discussions about current affairs.


Participants will be divided into three-member delegations according to nationality they represent, in other words, each delegation represents one Member state. The members of the delegations will be positioned in the three Committees of the UN General Assembly.
The agenda of the Committees will be as follows:
Disarmament and International Security Committee (First Committee)
– Demilitarization of the Near East
– Nagorno-Karabakh
– Maritime Security

Economic and Financial Committee (Second Committee)
– Protection of intellectual property rights
– Use and support of bio-fuels
– Debt crisis in developing countries

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (Third Committee)
– Human rights in the context of counter-terrorist operations
– Capital punishment
– Protection of industrial heritage
Opening session (7th September 2012):
This session is devoted to getting to know each other as well as to giving crucial information about the program and organization of the project.

Venue: Masaryk Grammar School in Pilsen

Preparatory workshops (8th and 9th September 2012):
During preparatory workshops, following activities are organized:
– Familiarization with the committee, presidium and program,
– Provision of information on topics of agenda,
– Familiarization with the Rules of Procedure of conference session,
– Practicing rhetoric skills and argumentation,
– Discussion on topics of agenda,
– Interactive activities (negotiating and communication games),
– Seminars of visiting lecturers (experts on discussed topics).

Venue: Masaryk Grammar School in Pilsen

Conference session (10th, 11th and 12th September 2012):
During this session, participant will simulate the negotiations in the Committees of UN General Assembly. They are expected to discuss the agenda and find solutions of the given problems.
Organizers reserve the right to assign any participant a state other than preferentially demanded during the registration. We will try to satisfy everyone’s requests if possible and the change of the state would be done after mutual agreement. Thank you for your understanding.

Venue: Town Hall and building of Regional Authority of the Pilsen Region