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Studentský Model of the UN General Assembly

12th – 17th September 2014

Under the patronage of Martin Baxa, the Mayor of Pilsen, Milan Chovanec, the Minister of the Interior, the UN Information Centre Prague, and PhDr. David Šanc, Ph.D., the Head of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of West Bohemia.
The Student Model of the UN General Assembly is for all students, who are interested in politics, economics or human rights and who are not unconcerned of today´s world.
Participants choose one state, which they want to represent in one of the three Committees.
The Committees are:
– Disarmament and International Security Committee
– Economic and Financial Committee
– Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
The agenda of each Committee consists of three different topics. One of them is then related to a main topic, same for all Committees, but being discussed from the point of view of the Committee´s orientation.
The success in the debate is up to each candidate. The aim of this project is to help the participants to improve their orientation in the world´s events, to provoke a debate about the situation in the world, to teach them how to argue for their opinions, negotiate or find compromises, to support their personal as well as professional development and at last but not least to raise awareness of public events in the Pilsen region.