Following points of agenda were chosen for the UN Security Council at Model 2018:

UNSC – United Nations Security Council

War in Yemen
The Arab Spring has passed and its aftermath, the “Arab winter”, is in place. A resurgence of authoritarianism and Islamic extremism has led to yet another civil war, this time in Yemen. Two major powers of the Middle East, the Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, are trying to abuse the situation in order to reinforce their power in the region. Not much effort has been put in to stop the war, until now.

Reforming the Peacekeeping strategy
More than 10,000 UN peacekeepers play a crucial role in the efforts of the United Nations to navigate volatile regions to security and stability. In today’s world the “Blue Helmets” are slowly shifting to a more active position in conflicts where no peace is yet to be kept. Can the United Nations preserve its neutrality, while peacekeepers are sometimes perceived as a party to the conflict? Shall the peacekeeping forces be deployed in the fight against terrorism? How can the UN ensure that peacekeepers in the field are properly trained and equipped?